Direct selling MLM Setup and advisory for MLM Company and Consultation at Vista Neotech in Delhi NCR, India.  We are the pioneers of the field and execute the best and long-lasting results for our clients. Our 3000+ clientele is the testimony of the same. Direct selling MLM set-up from raw to shape can be a tedious task if not understood.

How to start a Direct Selling mlm company?

Setting up a Direct Selling company, we are at the top of the list of consultants to show the track of coming up with a new direct selling business entity. With the result-oriented approach and years of experience in MLM arrangements setup, we promise you to give the soundest and dependable services.

To start with the Planning part, we come across the following checklist.

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Setting up a Direct Selling company in India: To start with an idea of developing a company the type of company has to be determined. Following are the options:

Proprietorship firm

With single-owner entity, It is a type of company that one can start with. Based on your investment team of people, products and services offered.

Partnership venture

With the idea of two or more owners, a partnership firm can be established for direct selling business.

Private Limited Company

With a minimum two number of owners, a Pvt. Ltd. company can commence a Multi-level marketing business.

Limited Company

A Limited Company needs at least three owners and approval from the ministry of corporate affairs to start the Direct marketing business.

OPC company

An OPC company can be started in single ownership for direct selling business.

Direct selling MLM setup at a Glance.

Essentials of setting up a Direct Sellin MLM business Private Limited or Limited Company the best practice however you may start your business in LLP, Partnership or Proprietorship as well In India, Multi-Level Marketing Company involves limited risk for directors who are setting up a Multi-Level Marketing Company Business.

Pertain IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association) Membership. It’s not a government body but it’s a private setup by Amway India and other big network marketing companies which is trying to govern the whole Direct Selling Companies in India which prevents unethical and illegal MLM companies and Multi-Level Network Marketing Business practices to operate and destroy the MLM Business route.

Apply for Vat/Service Tax/ Tan No and all necessary license and registration required for manufacturer and product seller.

Hiring a Legal advisor or consultant for MLM.

Last but not least Appoint a Legal Advisor, Consultant and Chartered Accountant to create rules and regulation forms, manage paper works and other company-related legal documents and stationery materials.

Please does not cut copy paste other company’s print materials as it may not be applicable to your product or MLM Business Model? It is also desirable to develop exclusive website content and information related to the company written by the legal advisor of the company to counter the legal laws of the Land.

Note: The government of India Ministry of Corporate affairs issues guidelines for direct selling please follow the guidelines set by MCA.