MLM consultant for Direct Selling in India. Consultation regarding all MLMrelated services. Direct selling startups from raw to shape, from legal advice, registration process, Direct selling MLM plans, recommendations and product information all features at one company.

We are the pioneers of the field since 2001; we have been consistently delivering the best in Direct Selling Business services.

Why consultation in MLM or Direct selling is necessary?

Direct selling or Multi-level Marketing once originated can be highly profitable for all involved, and over time matures as a recognized international brand.

If not in safe hands there is the risk of it turning into highly expensive and damaging exercise.

Many crucial elements need deep scrutinization.

How can we help to start direct selling?

To assess your motivation and goals and to understand your vision, we study your expectation and assumption regarding :

  • Marketing strategy, Leadership, teams.
  • Talking about product category & product costs.
  • Packaging Type & packaging cost.
  • Approvals and legal norms.
  • Guidelines for operations in a territory.
  • Research and Development.
  • Viability of localization.
  • Compensation plan type and why?
  • Compensation plan viability – Can you afford to pay as per the commitments?
  • Staffing and job assignments.
  • Policies and processes
  • Software development and requisition specification document,
  • User acceptance tests, data security etc.
  • Attractive but legally compliant content for all literature and website
  • Social media Strategy and Management.

These are just a few of the topics that we access and discuss with all our clients to perceive the goals accurately.


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